AHSOW – Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders

AHSOW Logo - 4 men singingWOODSHEDDING:
Woodshedding is how barbershop began on a rooftop in Tulsa.

The Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders (AHSOW) was formed in 1977 with the purpose to preserve the skill of woodshedding as an art form within The Barbershop Harmony Society.
Woodshedding is three individual voices (tenor, bari, and bass) creating barbershop harmonies by ear to a lead’s melody, without any written arrangement. The melody is introduced by the lead so all can become familiar with it, but should not have a well-known arrangement This art hearkens back to over a century ago, to the origins of barbershop quartet singing, where four men would gather (frequently at the local barber shop) and harmonize to the familiar tunes of the day.

Today, more than 1,300 AHSOW members have demonstrated their proficiency at discovering and creating harmonies by ear in Barbershop quartets. Every AHSOW member stands ready to welcome all barbershop singers who wish to participate in this fulfilling activity.