Where to Woodshed

The singing art called “Woodshedding” (spontaneous harmonizing-by-ear), is the musical foundation of our international Barbershop Quartet Society. For members, potential members and our non-singing supporters, AHSOW’s goal is to conduct as many Woodshedding demonstrations, workshops and “ear-singing” opportunities as possible.

One of the most effective venues for such outreach activities is via AHSOW Rooms with facilities provided by the Society, each District, Division, or Sponsoring Chapter. These special rooms are staffed by skilled AHSOW members who have been selected and trained by their District Educator and Certifier (DEC). Room activities are posted in the calendar of each convention or activity and are carefully scheduled not to conflict with contests and shows. A calendar of events is also posted on the door of each room and reminder announcements are made from the podium. Whether you are a seasoned Woodshedder, a prospective Barbershopper or a non-singing fan of great Barbershop Harmony, the AHSOW Room has something for you. Plan to visit us… and, bring some friends.

You can visit AHSOW Rooms at:
Division and Preliminary Conventions
Usually held in the spring.

District Conventions
Usually held in the fall.

Mid-Winter Convention
Held in late January.

International Convention
Held first week in July.
Personal Learning Opportunities:

Harmony University
District Harmony Schools
Woodshed Gatherings in your District
Contact your District Educator and Certifier (DEC) to find out about opportunities close to your home town. Find them under the “Leadership” tab at the top of this website.